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Fact #1:
A web page isn't something people "read", it's something they "do." A company's internet presence isn't a brochure-on-computer, it's a place that people visit. Visiting your internet presence will be the electronic equivalent of visiting your company.

Fact #2: On the internet, word-of-mouth isn't two-by-two, it's two-by-thousands! This valuable type of advertising is an important reason why businesses are flocking to the internet. You want your internet presence to be interesting, or fun, or interactive, or educational (or all of the above) to get good word-of-mouth advertising.

Fact #3: E-Mail and Bulk Mail are not cousins. (Not kissing--not even distant.) Using regular direct mail techniques in the e-mail world is a "no-no". It can do your company much more harm than good.

Fact #4: In internet news groups, watch your step. Try unabashed corporate marketing there, and you're treading on thin ice. You will be as welcome as a pushy salesperson at a funeral service. See Fact #5.

Fact #5: When in Rome . . . well, you know. The World Wide Web is a special community with its own culture. A business person who is unfamiliar with the territory could get into a great deal of trouble! Market the wrong way and you make a dangerous social blunder. You need an experienced guide who will save you the embarrassing and costly mistakes that cause bad press and destructive word-of-mouth.

Fact #6: The internet is a great resource for customer feedback. It's the fastest, most reliable way to gather information about your customers' needs, desires and opinions, so that you can fine-tune your products, services and marketing efforts to perfection.

Fact #7: You can be a silent information dispenser. Your internet presence can act like a remote-controlled information vending machine. It can dispense electronic product information, pictures and price lists at the speed of light, and people can print them out and have something instant and tangible.

Fact #8: Having a domain name is a good thing. That's because having a web address that's simple to type and easy to remember is a good thing. Domain names are going fast! (Net Sites can reserve yours now.)

Fact #9: Have a fast-downloading internet presence. It needs to be quickly and easily received by everyone, regardless of the type of hardware or software they are using.

Fact #10: Give something for nothing. Free stuff is a really good thing on the internet, even if it's just free information. This is called "value added marketing."

Fact #11: Your internet presence must be easy to find, and easy to stumble upon. It's important to imbed searchable words in your internet presence, and to trade links with other complementary businesses. (Net Sites can do all this for you, and we can also make your presence known on all existing search engines, all popular internet directories and internet malls, industry indexes, bulletin boards, trade publications, local and national publications, internet publications, mailing lists and usenet newsgroups that are for announcing new sites or products, etc.)

Fact #12: Having "web pages" does not equal having an "internet presence." Having "web pages" or a "web site" is only scratching the surface of what the internet can do for you. For more information, please visit our Net Sites Advantage page.


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