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  • Professional web site marketing.
  • Responsive, friendly personal service.
  • Communications in layman's terms.
  • Experienced marketing know-how.
  • Excellent value for your money.

Net Sites Advantage #1: The Internet Presence Advantage: Lots of people will offer to put up a home page or web pages for you, and that's fine. They may even offer to set up a "web site" for you, including a domain name--even better! But having "web pages" or a "web site" is only scratching the surface of what the Internet can do for your company. Net Sites can establish an Internet presence for you. And you don't even have to have a single computer or modem. Having an Internet presence means that, in addition to having a domain name and a universally fast-downloading web site, you also have one or more of the following:

  1. A site that quickly provides answers to your visitors' questions.
  2. The ability to build relationships with your visitors.
  3. A way to quickly respond to e-mail, even while you're out of town.
  4. A way to gather customer feedback.
  5. The ability to take product orders over the Internet.
  6. The ability to pre-qualify potential customers.
  7. A presence that works in all browsers and on all systems.
  8. The ability to provide value added marketing.
  9. The ability to build an opt-in list of subscribers.

A great Internet presence begins with a great plan. We will take the time to develop a great Internet marketing plan for your company.

Net Sites Advantage #2: The Marketing Advantage:

  1. Make your presence known on all search engines, and get you as high as possible on the lists and search results!
  2. Announce your presence throughout the myriad of Internet directories, Internet malls, and the mailing lists and usenet newsgroups that are for announcing new products and services.
  3. Market your Internet presence by sending press releases to local and national publications, radio and television - up to 7,000 media contacts!
  4. Perform thorough research to determine which search words future customers would use when they're searching for a need your company can fulfill, and then embed these key words in your Internet presence. This is fined-tuned target marketing!
  5. Trade links to your web pages with complementary businesses to increase your traffic.
  6. Arrange for links from industry indexes.
  7. Carefully research newsgroups for marketing possibilities.
  8. Market your Internet presence on bulletin board systems.
  9. Place ads in targeted e-newsletters, e-zines and opt-in e-mail lists.
  10. Put to use twenty more marketing secrets that are not mentioned here!

Net Sites Advantage #3: Net Sites can arrange for multitudes of targeted traffic to arrive at your web site, thus raising your revenues and your profits!.

Net Sites Advantage #4: Net Sites can write great copy for your web site. This is a service that many web development firms do not provide; they demand the text and copy and paste it into the sites they build. We, on the other hand, are experienced in writing great copy specifically for web pages, to press the emotional buttons of the people who will be visiting your web site.

Net Sites Advantage #5: Net Sites can set up an e-mail auto-responder, so that even if you don't have a computer and modem, you can automatically and instantly send information, price lists, order forms, etc. 24 hours a day to anyone who has sent e-mail. (Saves a lot in phone calls, postage and time.)

Net Sites Advantage #6: Net Sites can create an Internet presence that offers visitor participation and interactivity.

Net Sites Advantage #7: Net Sites can set up your web site to gather information about your customers' needs, desires and opinions, so that you can fine-tune your products, services and marketing efforts to perfection.

Net Sites Advantage #8: Net Sites can set up your web site so that it can automatically take orders over the Internet. Or if you prefer, we can set up an order form that your customers can print out, and then fax or mail it to you.

Net Sites Advantage #9: Net Sites can set up your web site to offer value added marketing (which means something-for-nothing). Freebies are a good thing on the Internet, even if the only free thing you're offering is free information.

Net Sites Advantage #10: Net Sites can reserve for you your very own domain name, so that your web address is simple to type and easy to remember. (Domain names are going fast! We will register yours ASAP, because if not, someone else will get the domain name you need.)

Net Sites Advantage #11: Net Sites can arrange for you to have an Internet presence that is easy to navigate and quickly and easily received by anyone and everyone, regardless of the type of software or hardware they are using. That way, your Internet presence will be accessible to every single person in cyberspace, even people using text-only browsers.

Net Sites Advantage #12: Net Sites can make visiting your company's presence such a pleasant experience that people will keep coming back, and will tell others about it.

Net Sites Advantage #13: Net Sites will be your expert guide (and you do need one) in the world wide web and beyond. The Internet is a special community with its own culture. A business person who is unfamiliar with the territory could get into a great deal of trouble! Market the wrong way and you make a dangerous social blunder. Net Sites will save you the embarrassing and costly mistakes that cause bad press and destructive word-of-mouth. We will keep you in the Internet community's good graces.

Net Sites Advantage #14: Net Sites can set up a public FTP site (File Transfer Protocol), so that customers and business associates can quickly download information, catalogs, price lists, order forms, coupons, newsletters, technical support documents and other information. It's a cost-effective way to make large quantities of information available to all Internet users.

Net Sites Advantage #15: Net Sites is high-tech. We can provide moving images, animation, sound, music, video, web cam, anything your heart desires!

Net Sites Advantage #16: Net Sites can make arrangements with other web sites to host links to your Internet presence; it's another way of bringing people to your company. And if you so desire, we can also place embedded links that will transport people from your Internet presence to any other web site in the universe.

Net Sites Advantage #17: Net Sites can help you get your new web address on all your stationery, business cards, packaging, display and broadcast advertising, etc.

Net Sites Advantage #18: We are very knowledgeable about the sensitive culture of the Internet, and we will make sure that your Internet presence will delight the expectations of the Internet community and avoid stepping on toes.

Net Sites Advantage #19: We have partnered with a highly skilled photographer, who has garnered twenty years experience and several awards for his work. So if you need photography, we can more than handle it. We also have a generous stock photography library, for whenever photographic design style is needed.

Net Sites Advantage #20: Net Sites can help you sell while you sleep! We'll set up your Internet presence so that it acts like a remote-controlled information (or product) vending machine. It can dispense electronic product information, pictures and price lists 24 hours a day at the speed of light. Then people can print out your information and have something instant and tangible. And your salespeople can spend less time explaining your goods and services and more time closing deals.

Net Sites can build an outstanding Internet presence for you! Please e-mail us now!

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